Chinese Tuition Programmes for Upper Primary Students

Aspire Hub’s Chinese classes for P4-P6 students can help them improve and refine skills in the language. We also offer a solution for those who need Chinese tuition ahead of the PSLEs.

Aspire Hub Chinese Upper Primary Tuition Programme

Run in partnership with the Han Language Centre, our upper primary classes are designed to help your child achieve exam excellence. Our teachers will take your children through a carefully developed curriculum intended to help them conquer Chinese language topics, whether from CL or HCL, and even breeze through the PSLE’s Chinese component.

SEPA Approach to language learning

Part of the reason we’re so effective at what we do is that we use a teaching approach called SEPA. With it, we progress from using students’ Senses and their Experiences to teach a language, after which we guide them in Processing it and using what they’ve learned in Action.

Alignment with the MOE Syllabus and PSLE Marking Format

Our curriculum follows the points of the MOE syllabus to ensure your child is receiving tuition that will actually be relevant to his schooling. Moreover, we follow the PSLE marking format in our classes, so students can get used to it as early as possible.

Individualised Attention

Our trademark at Aspire Hub is a unique attitude towards teaching that positions the teacher as both educator and coach. This means we take the time to understand your child’s individual learning preferences as well as how best to motivate him.

Personalised Education

We tailor the tuition to suit the student. Hence, we have separate classes for those who need to work on their linguistic foundations and for the ones who can be stretched beyond what they’re learning in school to reach their full potential in the language.

Convenient learning formats

Whether you prefer in-person or online learning for your child, we can provide a solution that suits your needs. Our in-person classes are perfect for deep engagement and tuition while our online classes make tuition and enrichment easy to access for students, even during a pandemic.

Ensure your child has a smooth transition back to school in 2021

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