Bridge Knowledge Gaps Revealed by JC1 Promo Papers

The post-exam period is the perfect time to address any areas

of weakness and learning gaps. This is crucial to ensure

effective learning next year, as you continue to tackle more

advanced concepts in JC2. 


Find out how personalised guidance from our experienced coaches can help.

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What can you expect in our programmes?

Experienced JC tutors who will mentor you based on your specific learning needs

1-to-1 coaching to identify gaps in knowledge and direct revision

Comprehensive notes to facilitate effective revision of weaker topics

Step-by-step breakdown of concepts to deepen understanding and critical thinking

Timed practice and targeted exercise to sharpen application of answering techniques

Why Aspire Hub?

Teacher Yi Pei is very patient and committed to teaching. Her step-by-step approach and continuous support have motivated me to not give up on studying Math. She has also helped me to develop a passion and desire to do even better and to push myself further to solve new problems.

Thank you Teacher Yi Pei!

Kwon Jung Won

A-Level H2 Math – D to A,

Anglo-Chinese Junior College

I joined Mr Rick’s IP Math class in Sec 2 after doing badly for my mid-year exams. He really helped me work on my foundations in Math and I practised a lot to prepare for the EOY. And we succeeded. I was really happy to get my first A for Math back then.

[…] Glad I chose the right centre!

Heather Ng

H2 Math – %90 for J2 MYE,

Victoria Junior College

A Personalised Teaching Approach

Aspire Hub provides a unique approach to JC tuition in Singapore. Our educators do more than act as teachers: we also mentor and coach you during your study.

A learning coach manages each student’s portfolio and provides personalised attention. Our coaches check in with you regularly to guide you through every step of revision, bolstering both your efforts and confidence in the process.

Alignment with the MOE Syllabus

Our programmes are aligned with the MOE syllabi for each level and subject. Aspire Hub’s programmes cover Maths, GP or General Paper, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Effective Support for Self-Studying

We’ve tailored our methods to suit JC students’ needs, focusing on giving you direction for effective self-study so that you can be efficient in your revision. Moreover, we can help you tackle difficult concepts in JC whenever you need precise assistance with a topic.

Explore Our Programmes

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JC 1

  • Vectors
  • Vectors – Application Qn
  • Integration Technique
  • Application of Integration

JC 2

  • Hypothesis Testing 
  • Correlation and Regression 
  • Prelim Revision




JC 1

  • Genetics basis of variation
  • Organisation and Control of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Genome
  • Revision

JC 2

  • Human Genome Project
  • Diversity and Evolution
  • Revision for prelims



JC 1

  • Reaction Kinetics
  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Ionic Equilibrium
  • Revision

JC 2

  • Periodicity (period3)
  • Group II metals
  • Group IV 
  • Transition elements
  • Revision for Prelims

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