The Final Lap is a customised June Holiday programme dedicated to giving students who are taking their GCE O-Level a comprehensive revision for their core subjects.

GCE O Level Focused Revision

Using innovative learning resources specifically tailored towards the GCE O-Level syllabus, this programme aims to:

  • Reinforce student’s conceptual understanding of crucial topics
  • Establish links between different topics
  • Increase students’ skills in identifying various question types
  • Hone students’ answering techniques
  • Raise students’ awareness of what examiners are looking out for in the marking scheme
  • Impart to students study techniques for each of the subjects offered

As part of the programme, students will receive a unique set of comprehensive revision notes designed by a team of experienced teachers who have highlighted the key concepts that students have to focus on for each topic. Students will hence be able to revise more efficiently and effectively as they know what to focus on.

Based on Latest Syllabus

Our curriculum team has put together an exclusive set of learning materials based on the latest syllabus. Apart from taking reference to the past GCE O Level examination trends, Aspire Hub Education also has first-hand access to the latest 2019 mid-year examination papers from schools all around Singapore. As such, students will be further exposed to the width and breadth of examination standards across the country.

24hrs Programme

The programme timetable is planned in such a manner whereby effective learning can take place without the students losing focus over the course of 8 lessons. Conducted during the June school holidays, students will be able to focus on getting up to speed with their revision without the distraction of their usual school commitments.

These programmes are held exclusively at:

I12 Katong: 6636 0814/ Parkway Parade: 6344 0228/ West Mall: 6316 6675

Clink here to get a detailed schedule.