As we draw closer to the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE), let’s help your child through his/her final lap of PSLE revisions. Besides reading up on the 10 tips to improve your child’s memory for PSLE, there are plenty of ways you can help your child. You probably came across all kinds of articles that advise you on how to look after your child’s well-being and health for the days leading up to their big examinations. Keep at it! I’m sure there’s no harm done to ensure your child’s health is tip top.

So, focus on that and let us do the rest! With PSLE coming up, our coaches are dedicated to helping your child progress through his/her revisions. Our PSLE Intensive Programme offers tutorials and lectures that cover the subjects extensively to ensure that your child is well-prepared for their big exam!

During the weeks leading up to your child’s PSLE, this programme will cover core concepts, common and tricky questions and examination tips and tricks to give your child that extra advantage over their peers! It’s never too late to equip your child with the best skills to tackle PSLE.

So, arm your child well for the challenge ahead! Our PSLE Intensive Programme is offered at Alexandra Village, Bedok Mall, Bukit Timah, Parkway Parade, Seletar Mall, Serangoon NEX, West Mall and 112 Katong starting from August 2017.


Call us to find out more about the programme!

Alexandra Village: 6377 7318 / 6377 7320
Bedok Mall: 6702 4080 / 6702 4083
Bukit Timah: 6462 4840 / 6462 4240
Parway Parade: 6344 0228
Seletar Mall: 6702 7318 / 6702 7319
Serangoon NEX: 6634 2412 / 6634 2413
West Mall: 6316 6675
112 Katong: 6636 0814 / 6636 0824