For students, entering the final quarter of the year often entails intensive preparation for big examinations, and this is the year of PSLE or ‘O’ Level for some. At Aspire Hub’s PSLE Intensive Programme and ‘O’ Level Intensive Programme, we have a series of lectures designed to help your child keep atop of his/her revision. Besides revisions and re-cap of topics, students will be taught important examinations skills that allow them to be a cut above the rest. These tips and tricks are crucial in helping your child reach his/her potential.

Our PSLE Intensive Programme and ‘O’ Level Intensive Programme will be offered at some of our branches starting from September 2018 – Alexandra Village, Beauty World Centre, Jurong Point and Serangoon NEX. Slots are limited. So, join us now!

Call us to find out more about the programmes!
Alexandra Village: 6377 7318 / 6377 7320
Bukit Timah: 6462 4840 / 6462 4240
Jurong Point: 6252 5630 / 6252 6255
Serangoon NEX: 6634 2412 / 6634 2413