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Aspire Hub’s EOY Revision Programme Package

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What’s in store for your child in our programmes?

1-to-1 coaching to direct your child’s learning and revision

Comprehensive review of key examinable topics from previous terms

Deep dive into various exam question types and how to ace them

Targeted practice of subject-specific components to hone answering techniques

Why Aspire Hub?

My result for English was poor at the start of P6 (2013), [I was] getting low 20’s to 60’s. I was introduced to Aspire Hub after my CA1. Though English was one of the subjects that I dreaded at the start of the year, the engaging lessons and helpful teachers brought back my interest and today.

Jaden Goh

English – A, PSLE 243 , River Valley

Primary School

[My teacher] has guided me tremendously in my P6 Mathematics approach and certainly helped me to connect the dots more systematically in the right Mathematics concept. Without her help, I would not have been able to achieve such a high grade.

Raphael Leo

PSLE Math – A*, Maris Stella High

School (Primary)

A Novel Teaching & Coaching Approach

Aspire Hub provides a unique approach to primary school tuition in Singapore. Our educators do more than act as teachers: they take on the role of coaches for your child.

A learning coach manages each child’s portfolio and provides personalised attention. Thus, we tailor teaching approaches as well as motivation for best results.

Direct alignment with the MOE Syllabus

Our programmes are aligned with the MOE syllabi for every subject. We have programmes for English, Maths, Science, and Chinese (both CL and HCL) from P1 to P6.

For instance, students entering P3 will have to face Science. Our P3 Science classes can introduce your child to key topics in it, like Diversity and Classification in Living Things.

Comprehensive Prep for Exams

You may also be interested in giving your child extra support with PSLE prep, whether in P6 or as early as P5. We have classes for that, which include components for strengthening your child’s answering techniques and overall readiness for the exam.

Explore Our Programmes

Find more details on our Term 3 programmes below.

English Programmes

Primary 1 – Primary 2

  • Grammar Rules
  • Synthesis and Transformation
  • Grammar and Vocabulary Cloze Passages
  • Comprehension Open-ended
  • Composition Writing
  • Oral Communication

Primary 3 – Primary 4

  • Grammar Rules Recap
  • Synthesis and Transformation
  • Grammar and Vocabulary Cloze Passages
  • Comprehension Open-ended
  • Situational Writing and Compositions
  • Oral Communication
  • Exam techniques

Primary 5 – Primary 6

  • Brief Skills Recap
  • Situational Writing
  • Composition Writing
  • Grammar Rules Recap
  • Synthesis & Transformation Recap
  • Grammar Cloze & Comprehension Cloze
  • Comprehension Open-ended
  • Oral Communication Skills


    Primary 1

    • Numbers To 40
    • Multiplication
    • Division
    • Numbers 1 To 100

    Primary 2

    • Revision of Multiplication & Division 
    • Money
    • Fractions
    • Time
    • Volume

    Primary 3

    • Measurement 4 – Time
    • Measurement 4 – Money
    • Fractions
    • Revision
    • Practice Paper

    Primary 4

    • Decimals
    • Time
    • Area and Perimeter
    • Revision
    • Practice Paper

    Primary 5

    • Decimals
    • Percentage
    • Angles
    • Volume
    • CA2 Practice

    Primary 6

    • Circles
    • Area and Perimeter of Composite Figures
    • Volume of Solids and Liquids
    • Data Analysis
    • Heuristic Non-Routine Problems
    • Prelim Practice


    Primary 3

    • Materials
    • Magnets
    • Topical Revision
    • CA2 Practice

    Primary 4

    • Heat
    • Topical Revision
    • CA2 Practice

    Primary 5

    • Reproduction in Animals
    • Sexual Reproduction in Human Beings
    • Heredity
    • Sexual Reproduction of Flowering Plants
    • Methods of Seed Dispersal
    • Reproduction from Spores and other Plants Parts
    • The Freezing & Melting Process
    • The boiling & Evaporation Process
    • CA2 Practice

    Primary 6

    • Energy from food Photosynthesis
    • Forms of energy and uses Sources of energy
    • Conversion of energy
    • Water Cycle
    • Plant & Animals Reproduction
    • Plant, & Human System
    • Cells, Electrical System
    • Types & Effect of forces
    • Web of life & Adaption
    • Man and the environment

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