Chinese Tuition Programmes for Pre-Primary Students

The trick to teaching kids Chinese is to start early. Aspire Hub’s Chinese tuition & enrichment programme for pre-primary students can get kids to learn and love the language from as early as Nursery 2!

Aspire Hub Chinese Pre-Primary Tuition Programme

Run in partnership with the Han Language Centre, our pre-primary lessons are designed for children aged 4 to 6. Our teachers will take your children through a carefully developed curriculum, intended to establish a solid base and interest in the Chinese language.

SEPA Approach to language learning

Our revolutionary teaching approach is called SEPA: Sense, Experience, Processing, and Action. This methodology allows students to learn a language through practical and experiential connections, allowing smoother learning and better retention of information. It means students have more fun too!

Personalised Mentorship and Guidance

Aspire Hub is known for the personalisation of its tuition, as we combine traditional tutoring services with customised coaching. We’ll figure out how your child learns best, how he prefers to be tutored, what motivates him, and more… all so we can help him realise his potential.

Convenient learning formats

It doesn’t matter if you prefer in-person or online learning for your child. We offer both to ensure that you get options for both convenience and optimal engagement or learning.

Ensure your child has a smooth transition back to school in 2021

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