With the ‘O’ Level examinations just a little over 3 months away, every parent hopes to help their child to the best of their abilities. Whether your child needs help with their revisions or not, it’s always a plus point to equip them with examination skills that put them above the rest. Being familiar with the academic content may give them a head start, but there are tons of other factors that put a student above the rest. Have you ever wondered how some students manage to achieve straight-As results?

At Aspire Hub’s O Level Intensive Programme, we have a series of lectures designed to stretch students. Not only will we help them re-cap key topics, skills, and concepts, students will also be taught essential tips and tricks to answer various questions in exams. This is this extremely crucial in helping students secure as many marks as possible.

So, join us now to exceed your potential! Our ‘O’ Level Intensive Programme is offered at all our branches – Alexandra Village, Bedok Mall, Bukit Timah, Parkway Parade, Seletar Mall, Serangoon NEX, Thomson, West Mall and 112 Katong starting from August 2017.


Call us to find out more about the programme!

Alexandra Village: 6377 7318 / 6377 7320
Bedok Mall: 6702 4080 / 6702 4083
Bukit Timah: 6462 4840 / 6462 4240
Parway Parade: 6344 0228
Seletar Mall: 6702 7318 / 6702 7319
Serangoon NEX: 6634 2412 / 6634 2413
Thomson: 6526 1758 / 8180 2822
West Mall: 6316 6675
112 Katong: 6636 0814 / 6636 0824