How do we do it

The design and underlying principles for our Enrichment Programmes are greatly influenced by the Aspire Hub Learning Wheel. Our unique learning framework and approach towards learning separates us from the rest.

Our Learning Framework

The coaching methodology adopted allows us to mould and empower individuals to take collaborative ownership of their learning and their success. Our vast experiences in the tuition, school and corporate industry have allowed us to develop the necessary expertise to merge academic competencies with important life-skills in our programmes that has produced individuals of the highest statue.

The wheel is symbolic of the journey the learner undertakes where it will eventually bring him to the place he wants to be. This holistic approach and paradigm shift towards learning and teaching are essential if we want to continuously produce individuals who are to remain relevant in the fast paced globalized world.

We don't just TEACH, We COACH

Our Coaching for Performance slogan 'We don't just TEACH, We COACH' best encapsulates the Aspire Hub's teaching methodology for our enrichment programmes across individuals of all ages.

The Student Development Flowchart

We are fully aware that the fast paced globalized world we live in today has made learning a very fluid and dynamic process. Individuals across the ages find the traditional teaching methods of merely imparting knowledge insufficient in preparing them for the challenges ahead. They are beginning to realize that other important skills like personal mastery, value learning, communication skills, etc are equally important and needs be nurtured. Across the globe, coaching is no longer a fad but an integral part of an individual, company and society’s shift to growth. It helps to overcome the individual’s obstacles, mental blocks and self-limitations due to narrow paths of thinking, to create more opportunities, more possibilities and more ways to achieve success.

As thinking derives behaviour, the more you correct flawed thinking, the more the behaviour shifts. Enrichment programmes will be conducted on two main platforms; workshops and individual coaching sessions. Our workshops on the respective life-skills would be scheduled on a regular basis for individuals of all ages to enrol in programmes that match their learning needs. These workshops will be interactive and experiential by nature and it may vary from a half day workshop to a residential camp locally or overseas.

In addition, for individuals who may need extra assistance in their personal development, the learning centre also offers individual personal coaching sessions that will take individuals on a progressive journey to help them achieve their goals.

*Driven Seminar:
Annual Study Skills Course recommended for students.
Available at end of each month to cater to new students.
**Focused Lessons:
Lecture-styled programme directed at spotting likely exam questions for students.