Enriching the Holidays: June Holiday Programmes

Looking for a way to ensure your child doesn’t lose momentum or passion for learning during the term break? Help your child build skills in specific subjects, or get extra support for get better PSLE preparation.


Our holiday programmes are suitable for children from Primary 1 to 6. We have options for both tuition and enrichment – explore our range of June holiday programmes today!

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Due to the escalation of community cases among schools and tuition centres, our June Holiday
Programmes will be held online to safeguard the well-being of our staff and students.


Classes will be livestreamed on Google Meet, and coaches will be using Edmodo for direct messaging with students.
This platform will also be used for management of learning resources such as uploading and downloading of notes and worksheets.

Making the Most of the One-month Break

Catch up on areas of weakness, get a head start on new concepts, or even explore interesting

topics outside of the school syllabus.

Math Heuristics Booster Workshop

P3 – P6
Jurong Point / Beauty World
4 x 2-hour lessons

Expose your child to the use of the various heuristic skills to
solve routine and non-routine world problems.

This workshop incorporates not only mathematical knowledge
and skills but also essential thinking skills like Classifying,
Comparing, Sequencing, Analyzing Parts & Whole, Identifying
Patterns & Relationships, Induction, Deduction and Spatial

PSLE Preparation Revision

Beauty World / Alexandra Village / Jurong Point

Kick-start your child’s preparation for PSLE while boosting
their confidence in individual subjects.

Teachers will address and highlight important topics,
concepts and their applications. This includes a wide array of
tips and techniques for answering questions and avoiding
common mistakes.

A.C.E. Programme

English, Chinese, Math and Science programmes available

Give your child a competitive edge over his peers in the PSLE. 

With innovative learning resources tailored for the PSLE syllabus, this programme aims to reinforce your child’s conceptual understanding of the topics, increase skills in identifying various question types, hone answering techniques and improve problem-solving abilities.

We will also provide a set of comprehensive revision notes that highlight the key points in each topic for efficient PSLE revision.

Young Writers

P3 – P6
Jurong Point / Beauty World
4 x 2-hour lessons

Equip your child with the skills to craft a structurally sound and
engaging composition.

We’ll share how to properly plan a composition, as well as tips
to improve your child’s overall level of proficiency. Your child
will learn to employ techniques such as characterisation and
sentence variation, and understand how to “show” instead of
“tell” when communicating their ideas.

DSA Interview Preparation

Great World City
Private or group lesson options

An interview is an intimidating and nerve-racking process for anyone at any age. Support your child with preparation for this key interview and help him stand out against other candidates.

In this workshop, we train your child to:
• Be well versed with commonly asked questions
• Tackle unexpected topics with a self assured and methodical approach
• Highlight unique and distinguishing talents and achievements
• Identify and convey their very own USP (Unique Selling Point)
• Articulate responses and viewpoints clearly and concisely.
• Manage electronic interviews effectively
• Develop poise, composure and confidence

Hanyu Pinyin Revision Class

P1 – P2
Seletar Mall
5 x 1.5-hour sessions

Strengthen your child’s grasp of HanYu PinYin as well as ability to recognise and read Chinese characters.

This 5-day course is specially designed to help review and build your P1 or P2 child’s foundation in Chinese language.

Chinese Essay Support Programme

Hillion Mall / Seletar Mall / West Mall / United Square
4 x 1.5-hour sessions

Learn key techniques to improve writing abilities as well as boost confidence when tackling the composition component of school assessments.

In this course, your child will learn various sentence structures and writing techniques to help with illustrating emotions, movements and appearances of their story’s characters.

Weekly Programmes for Improved Learning

Ongoing lessons at all centres

Review and strengthen topical knowledge from previous terms or get an early introduction to upcoming topics.

These lessons are tailored to help your child in his current stage of learning.

Fun with Math

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Fun with Science

Learn about science the fun way through activities and
experiments in this 4 lessons course. Students will be taught
about the fundamental sciences through hands-on lessons,
where our bubbly and friendly coaches guide them through a
wide variety of set-ups and situations. Through these
sessions, students will also understand the connections
between the theories that they learn about in class and their

practical applications in the real world.

P5-P6, Beauty World

Plan for an enriching and engaging term break


Keep your kids engaged during the
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