Now that the End-Year exams are over, we would like to take this opportunity to meet the parents of our student. As part of our Open House / Meet-The-Coaches, you will get an overview of Aspire Hub Education and the opportunity to learn more about the programmes we offer. You will be able to meet the full-time coaches to have a discussion and analysis of your child’s results. Through this meeting, we will be helping you to diagnose the key areas that your child can improve on and also what you can do to help as a parent.

At Aspire Hub, we firmly believe that a child’s success is dependent on the tripartite relationship between the student, the parent and the coaches. We are of the firm belief that once this tripartite relationship is firmly in place and well-established, it allows the student to flourish academically. And as such, every parent-teacher sets out to establish such a relationship. Scheduled to take place in November, our coaches will be in touch with each and every one of their students’ parents.

The Open House / Meet-The-Coaches session will happen on the following dates respectively:

4th November
i12 Katong, Bedok Mall, Parkway Parade, Seletar Mall, West Mall

11th November
Alexandra Village, Bukit Timah, Nex

Call our respective branches to find out more!