The A.C.E. Programme (Junior) is a customised June Holiday programme dedicated to giving students who are taking their PSLE a competitive edge over their peers.

PSLE Focused Revision

Using innovative learning resources specifically tailored towards the PSLE syllabus, this programme aims to reinforce your child’s conceptual understanding of the topics, increase his/her skills in identifying various question types, hone his/her answering techniques and improve his/her problem-solving abilities.

As part of the programme, students will receive a unique set of comprehensive revision notes designed by a team of experienced teachers which highlights the key pointers of each topic. Students will hence be able to revise more efficiently and effectively as they know what to focus on.

Interactive Learning Component

Through the interactive and hands-on sessions planned for every subject, students will better appreciate the theoretical concepts behind common examination questions and find meaning and practicality to the subjects that they are studying.  As examinations have been tweaked to require students to apply the concepts they have learnt in the classroom to real-world situations, the experiential learning segments allow them to see the relevance and value of what they are learning in school to real life.

We are also incorporating study skills into the programme to motivate and equip students with the necessary tools and right mind-set needed to ace their PSLE.

4-Day Programme

The programme timetable is planned in such a manner whereby effective learning can take place without the students losing focus over the course of 4 days. A hearty lunch will be provided on a daily basis to ensure that students have the energy to seize the day.

ACE Programme (Extended: 5th Day)

In response to popular demand, Chinese will be included as part of the ACE programme this year at Bedok Point. With his prestigious Chinese Language and Literature scholarships from the Chinese government and Peking University, Coach Yong Chang has returned to Singapore to inspire, spark joy, and nurture his students’ love for the Chinese Language.

Usual Price

  • Aspire Hub Student: $760 / $935 (inclusive of Chinese lessons)
  • Non-Aspire Hub Student: $800 / $975 (inclusive of Chinese lessons)

Early Bird Promotion: Sign up by 26 May 2019 to enjoy $60 discount.

These programmes are held exclusively at:

Bedok Point: 6245 6671 / West Mall: 6316 6675/  Seletar Mall: 6702 7318

Clink here to get a detailed schedule.

Interactive Learning Component

Students are exposed to challenging content that stimulates written and verbal interaction.

Interactive Component

This hands-on activity relies on forced association (combining disparate ideas), a helpful and practical skill that hones one’s creativity. Additionally, each student learns how to be as persuasive and descriptive as possible. The best presentation group will receive a cool prize!

Better understanding of equivalent fractions. Written and visual representations of fractions are used to assess children’s understanding.


There will be a variety of equivalent fraction plates for each student and spread them far apart so that students will have to really look around to find a plate that is equivalent.
Start the music. Students hunt for a fraction that is equivalent to their own. For each round, students keep hunting for fractions. The group that gets the most fraction plates will receive a prize!

Better understanding of structural and behavioural adaptation of plant and animals.


Real-life plants will be used to invoke the 5 different senses of touch, taste, smell, visual and hearing. Videos will also be used to showcase different animal behaviours that are rarely observed in our daily environment.


“Thank you for being funny, interactive and caring.”

– Elijah Boey

“Thank you for making the ACE Programme enjoyable. After attending the first day of the programme, she wanted to be down earlier the next day. Very enthusiastic!!”

– Parent of Ivette Chiew

“Thank you so much for all the help and support. My daughter is always telling me about the things she learned and the fun she had!”

– Parent of Jayasudha Ramaswamy