Fun With Science

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December Holiday Programme

recommended for P4/ P5 / P6 students

Fun with Primary Science

Learn about science the fun way through activities and experiments in this 4 lessons course. Students will be taught about the fundamental sciences through hands-on lessons, where our bubbly and friendly coaches guide them through a wide variety of set-ups and situations. Through these sessions, students will also understand the connections between the theories that they learn about in class and their practical applications in the real world.

Recommended for p5/ p6 students


It exposes students to the use of the various heuristic skills to solve routine and non-routine world problems. In addition, it will build their confidence and allow them to be more flexible in their approaches to solving mathematical word problems. This workshop incorporates not only mathematical knowledge and skills but also essential thinking skills like Classifying, Comparing, Sequencing, Analyzing Parts & Whole, Identifying Patterns & Relationships, Induction, Deduction and Spatial Visualization.

For students with results B3 and above


With pupils already scoring well, we aim to guide them to new heights with forward teaching, keeping them several steps ahead of their peers. The Bridging Programme will be catered to students whose results have met their expectations. The programme’s primary objective will be to prepare students for the upcoming study year, with specific focus on possible changes in the syllabus and new skills which they may need to acquire to tackle various questions and topics. It aims to give students a head start for the year ahead. Besides covering future topics, it will also focus on the knowledge and skills required to excel in that particular academic level. The practices and exercises will match the individual learning needs of the students.

For students did not do well


For those who could have done better, we will work with the student in establishing a firm foundation to build upon, getting them up to speed and boosting their confidence. The main focus of the programme would be to revisit the fundamentals and clarify any lingering doubts. Personalised attention will be provided to the specific areas in which students failed to score well in. It aims to help students remediate and reinforce important concepts and skills that they have found difficult to grasp. The step by step approach during the sessions will help students recognize their learning difficulties and put together a study plan to overcome these challenges. As the understanding of these concepts improve, students will also be exposed to more challenging questions to further reinforce their understanding of the respective subjects.

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